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Redfearn said: "He has had an opportunity that he felt he couldn't turn down and we fully appreciated that, so he goes with everyone's best wishes.
The 41-year-old has left Sheffield United and said: "It's something that's very difficult to turn down when your country comes calling.
Asked if he would turn down his country, Redknapp said: "No, but I don't want to start saying 'I want the England job'.
"If a French player receives an offer from Arsene Wenger, it's practically impossible to turn down," he said.
Quite why she would turn down a movie heartthrob for an ageing Essex serial shagger is beyond me - but that's what happened on Thursday night.
He said: "Saints offered me the chance to fight for my place or move on and an 18-month deal at Queens was too good to turn down.
DEAN ASHTON reckons the chance to return to the Premiership with West Ham was "too good to turn down".
It's tougher to turn down an offer, an invitation, or an assignment when faced with someone who won't seem to take "no" for an answer.
GRAEME SOUNESS has stirred up a hornet's nest ahead of today's FA Cup semi-final by insisting Alan Shearer was right to turn down Manchester United nine years ago.