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I think it's a fad, a fashion, and I think people will turn against it," he told the Gazette while on Teesside to promote his latest book.
I had a lot of respect for my father, but was it hard for me to turn against everything he believed in?
For a given election, any time six or more keys turn against the incumbent party, the incumbent loses.
Self-scout will allow you to go take a long, hard look at your team and discover your tendencies and weaknesses - the same ones that your opponents have observed and are preparing to turn against you
Children have become savvy consumers and will turn against an advertiser who uses exaggerated claims or deception.
William Toffler, a family physician in Portland, "believes that the more physicians learn about the blunt reality of helping patients die, the more they turn against the idea.
After Wednesday the crowd is beginning to rumble and he dare not allow them to turn against him because that can be terrifying.
Either the copy is imitated, its mortuary appearance reproduced, and one surrenders without resistance to the rigid severity of that lifeless body, or that cadaver is incorporated into the work, causing the work to turn against itself, to reveal as illusory both its presumptuous self-categorization as "work" and the possibility of thinking of the work as "body.
Danger and mystery loom behind every corner on the island, and those they thought could be trusted may turn against them.