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In the equities market, a reversal; unwind.
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A change in a security's price trend.
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The information Office of the coalition quoted her as saying that "al-Qaeda carries out its criminal bombings according to a special timetable, which includes days for targeting the Sunnis and the other for targeting Shiites, in the light of the continued conflicts among the political class that has become unfortunately turn a blind eye for criminality brutal practiced by al-Qaeda against innocent people.
It always intrigues me that more often than not, those that oppose low flying seem to turn a blind eye to the low-flying aircraft that take them on their holidays, causing constant and certainly more prolonged noise, pollution etc from Manchester, Heathrow and other airports.
Economists call this flow of good money after bad "evergreening" and in Japan it has become known more prosaically as "zombie life-support." When regulators are prepared to turn a blind eye and when interest rates are near zero, the banks are able to control the speed at which bad debts are recognized.

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