trust deed

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Trust deed

Agreement between trustee and borrower setting out terms of a bond.
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Trust Deed

1. In real estate, an agreement in which the title to the property is held in a trust until the mortgage is paid. A trust deed is not given to the homeowner in order to provide an extra amount of security for the lender; the trustee for a trust deed does nothing except in the event of default, in which case the trustee sells the real estate.

2. An agreement stating the terms of a trust. A trust deed is most common when mutual funds are held in trust, and outlines the responsibilities and restrictions on the fund.
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trust deed

See indenture.
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The trust deeds sold by Sunburst were unquestionably legitimate throughout most of the three decades the two men did business together, Huntingdon says.
By and large, these requirements are to be incorporated in the trust deed, which is a contract between the trustee and the deposit taker and contains covenants intended to ensure that the deposit taker manages its affairs prudently.
The inaugural lecture was given on 18 November 1975, after an appropriate gestation period: it was delivered exactly nine months after the Trust Deed had come into force.
You know that the nonjudicial foreclosure by the first trust deed holder does not affect your deficiency rights, nor is there any other bar to your ability to sue...
She claimed the attested copies of trust deeds submitted by them were genuine but the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) had deliberately termed them false to implicate her and her husband Capt (r) Muhammad Safdar.
Sharif said that Jeremy Freeman, another UK solicitor, in January 2017 had admitted and confirmed the genuineness of the trust deed but neither Raja nor any member of the JIT or NAB made any effort to obtain the copies of the trust deed from him.
Freeman also attested the Komber Group and Neilson and Nescoll trust deeds, he added.
State minister suggests media should allow an opportunity to those who were afraid to explain as to why they were afraid?ISLAMABAD:The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) headed by Wajid Zia did not bother to verify the documents presented by the Sharif family, including the letter by the Qatari prince, the trust deed and the papers regarding shipment of the machinery of the Gulf Steel Mills.Talking to the journalists outside the accountability court here on Friday, State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb said that the JIT did not even contact the company concerned and these documents were not included in the case as a proof by the Sharif family in their defence.
If you decided to gift the money and were aware that your child was going to purchase the property with another person from the outset, your child should arrange to enter into a Trust Deed with the co-owner.
Over 2012 and 2013, about 20,000 Scots will have been sequestrated or have taken out a Protected Trust Deed because of their debts, according to accountancy firm PKF.
"As a result of the appointment of a receiver, NZF will be in default under NZF's debenture trust deed," S&P added.

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