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William Segal, principal of Alpha Equity Group, said in the statement that he hopes to build a mutually beneficial relationship with the town and create a finished building that I can be proud of as much as the people of Hempstead will be with a trophy building in the epicenter of the town.
To determine the biggest winners in the trophy building real estate market, Commercial Cafe compared the largest resale prices among groups that owned their high-priced properties for three years and sold between 2012 and 2017.
Do you have a trophy building, great location, stellar accounting services or crackerjack engineers?
So finally we come to the latest trophy building in Birmingham to be brought to market - the Radisson Blu Hotel.
Not surprisingly, a fair chunk of Kline's time is spent showing off his trophy building, which is designed to be 52 percent more energy-efficient than a traditional commercial building and is certified as LEED Platinum.
While Gormley stresses that this is a factory, not a trophy building, the design has to transcend utilitarianism, and the team were keen to engage in a philosophical exploration of a building that would be part gallery and part shed.
In the last seven years, the World Trade Center spent $60 million in capital funds to counter this threat, setting the gold standard for trophy building security.
It costs pounds 6 to tour the house, including the music room and the trophy building housing Elvis's gold discs and awards.
It will occupy the 12th, 13thand 14th floors of425 Lexington, a 31-story trophy building that is 100 percent leased by Canadian Imperial Bank and Simpson Thacher, original tenants when the building was developed in 1987.
90 North considers the property to be a trophy building with significant upside prospects.
Do you have a new trophy building in the central building district (CBD), or is your property an older building on the edge of town?