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Trailing 12 months. Often used with Earnings Per Share.

Trailing Twelve Months

Referring to the most recently completed 12 month period. For example, trailing 12 month earnings refers to a company's earnings over the 12 months ending on the last day of the most recent month. Showing developments on a trailing 12 month basis is common way of tracking a company's finances. It is less commonly called last 12 months.

trailing twelve

Shorthand for “trailing 12 months of financials,” meaning profit and loss information for a property or business for the past 12 months. Also written as the abbreviation “ttm.”

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The present study aims to evaluate the correlation of TTM symptom severity with the perceived stress along with the possible link between the quality of life and severity of Trichotillomania symptoms.
If your child does receive a diagnosis of compulsive skin picking or trichotillomania, there are a variety of established treatments to choose from.
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DEAR GRANDPARENTS: Trichotillomania is a disorder that results in compulsive hair pulling.
The Trichotillomania Scale for Children characterizes symptoms according to both distress and impairment (interference with relationships, school, and grooming routines) and severity (frequency, duration, number of hairs pulled, and controllability).
When it is compulsive, it can be dangerous; termed as a condition called trichotillomania.
2) Body dysmorphic disorder, trichotillomania, kleptomania, and borderline personality disorder may be comorbid in patients with psychogenic itch.
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This edition has new chapters and sections on anxiety, eating disorders, migraines, psychosis, spiritual and religious problems, self-injurious behavior, suicide, and the strategic approach to eclecticism in therapy; expanded philosophical and theoretical foundations; revised and updated material to include more on evidence-based practice issues; added case examples; and updated chapters on depression, substance abuse, grief, trichotillomania, and other problems.
The Newsroom' star told People at the L'Oreal Women in Digital Awards in New York that the disorder is called trichotillomania, and it started when she was 26.