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Used to characterize a group of securities that are similar with respect to maturity, type, rating, industry, and/or coupon.


A set of securities or individual companies that are similar to each other. For example, all automotive companies in the United States are said to belong to the American automotive sector. See also: Industry.


A group of securities (such as airline stocks) that share certain common characteristics. Stocks that are particularly interest-sensitive are considered a sector.


A sector is a segment of the economy that includes companies providing the same types of products or services.

For example, the utility sector provides electric power, natural gas, water, or a combination of these services. This sector may also include companies who produce power and those that trade it.

Companies within a sector tend to be reasonably consistent in their average earnings per share, price/earnings ratios (P/Es), and other fundamentals. But fundamentals may differ substantially from one sector to another. For example, some sectors are cyclical, rising and falling with changes in the economy while others are defensive, maintaining their strength despite economic ups and downs.

Since there's no official list of sectors, there can be confusion about how many sectors there are, what they're called, and what companies are included in them. For example, transportation is sometimes a standalone sector and sometimes included as part of the industrial sector.

Sector indexes, some of which are broad while others are very narrow, track many of the major sectors of the economy.


a part of the economy that has certain common characteristics that enable it to be separated from other parts of the economy for analytical or policy purposes. A broad division may be made, for example, between economic activities undertaken by the state (the PUBLIC SECTOR) and those that are undertaken by private individuals and businesses (the PRIVATE SECTOR). The private sector, in turn, may be subdivided into the PERSONAL SECTOR (private individuals and households), the CORPORATE SECTOR (businesses supplying goods and services) and the FINANCIAL SECTOR (businesses providing financial services).
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The offers formalized by the candidates will include: The treatment sector (2 alternative technical solutions), The treatment of sludge and dirty water (2 technical solutions), The storage and disposal of dirty water discharges (with an optional slice ), The implementation of the hydraulic installations necessary to secure the distribution network, The development of the site: Roads, Rehabilitation of existing premises, Pipelines .
The GCC wastewater treatment sector will undergo an unprecedented expansion in the coming years, and Saudi Arabia is set to lead the way.
GreeneStone is a new company in the behavioral treatment sector in Canada, an industry that has been well developed in the US but remains in its early evolutionary stages in Canada.
The Environment & Water team avails itself of a successful track record in assisting multinational companies to adapt their innovative solutions and strategies for successful deployment in the water and wastewater treatment sectors, and will be sharing its thought leadership in this space.
It is expected that an easing in the project finance market, which could take effect in the second half of 2009, would revive Saudi Arabia's and Bahrain's planned introduction of the private sector into the wastewater treatment sector for the first time.
The contract is Acciona's first the UAE, and its third major deal in the Middle East, which is one of the world's largest markets for the desalination and water treatment sector.
Its privatisation policy has led to specific opportunities in the water treatment sector and ports.
These strategically created remotely monitored mobile units would address an immediate water treatment sector and would range in price from $55,000 to $90,000 per system relying on the site specific conditions.
Jorg Menningmann, president of Biwaters Desalination and Membrane Treatment Sector (Biwater Inc) said, These two contract awards demonstrate local efforts to harness the potential of existing facilities by increasing treatment capacity and decreasing energy consumption.
A notable achievement during the past year in which I have been able to play a part has been the extension of the Climate Change Levy scheme to encompass the heat treatment sector, setting right an anomaly in the legislation to the benefit of everyone.
Steve Griffiths, Vice President of Research, Masdar Institute, said: Our partnership with Xylem will result in an increased ability to identify areas for improvement in the water and wastewater transport and treatment sector.

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