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Special Claim on Residual Equity (SCORE)

A certificate that entitles the owner to the capital appreciation of an underlying security, but not to the dividend income from the security.


In the United Kingdom, a slang term for 20 pounds.
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Conclusion: Improvised explosive device blast, open globe injury and ocular trauma score grade 1 were poor prognostic features and resulted in significantly higher frequency of poor visual outcome.
Because the trauma scores are higher for injury severity and survival and death rates are significantly affected for patients with a high BAC, we consider-as emergency physicians-the BAC to be a useful tool for patient management in emergency medicine, which can help in the preparation of a more careful plan of action in treatment directed toward more successful clinical outcomes.
248 BP: blood pressure, ISS: Injury Severity Score, PATI: Penetrating Abdominal Trauma Index, RTS: Revised Trauma Score *: A p-value of [less than or equal to] 0.
The median Paediatric Trauma Score (PTS) was 10 (range 6 - 11); 6 patients had a PTS of [less than or equal to ] 8, 27 patients had a score of 9 - 11, and in 7 there were no adequate records.
Prognostic value of trauma scores in pediatric patients with multiple injuries," J Trauma, Vol.
The adjusted mortality analysis controlled for injury severity using the Injury Severity Score, Revised Trauma Score, and Abbreviated Injury Scale.
Trauma patients are identified by physiological measures using Trauma Score and Revised Trauma Score and anatomic injuries using Abbreviated Injury Scale and Injury Severity Scale (ISS).
Table 1 Correlations of Trauma Scores With Social Relationship Variables for Mothers and Fathers Trauma score (IES full scale) Social relationship variable Mothers (n = 65) Fathers (n = 61) Partner relationship Intimate Bond Measure Care scale -.
A pediatric trauma score was developed to assess pediatric physiologic reserves differently than adults.
On the basis of the answers to the questionnaire, two childhood trauma odds scores were constructed: (a) an actual childhood trauma score (ACTS), and (b) a transgenerational or possible childhood trauma score (TPCTS).

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