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Back Door

1. In business, a slang term describing something unethical. It may also describe the action of circumventing a problem in an unusual (but still ethical) way.

2. Any way to access a computer system other than logging in or using "normal" channels. Programmers often put back doors into their programs, or a hacker may create one.

3. See: Back-Door Listing.
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back door

the informal mechanism whereby the BANK OF ENGLAND buys back previously issued TREASURY BILLS in the DISCOUNT MARKET at their ruling market price in order to release money to help the DISCOUNT HOUSES overcome temporary liquidity shortages. This is done as a means of increasing the liquid funds available not only to the discount houses themselves but also to the COMMERCIAL BANKS at prevailing interest rates to enable them to maintain their lending. Compare FRONT DOOR.
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1950)), such as "authenticity or admissibility of documents." They were not intended to be a trapdoor to force a party to admit they were at fault or responsible.
It didn't take long before the 1866 Trapdoor and the .50-70 cartridge made history in the hunting world.
The SE-CKS scheme contains six polynomial time algorithms: GlobalSetup, AASetup, [KeyGen.sub.CSP], EncIndex, Trapdoor and Test.
d) Trapdoor generation algorithm: This is a probabilistic algorithm which takes as input a multiple keywords, data user's secret key and system parameters and then generate the trapdoor Tw.
Although loaded with smokeless powder for a century, standard factory.45-70 loads are mild in case they might be used in trapdoor Springfields.
A research project to study trapdoor spiders in the Central Wheatbelt region of Western Australia was first launched in 1974 by Barbara York Main, during which Number 16 was found and monitored.
"To our knowledge, this is the oldest spider ever recorded, and her significant life has allowed us to further investigate the trapdoor spider's behavior and population dynamics," Leanda Mason, one of the authors studying the spiders, said in a ( statement.
To achieve keyword retrieval over the encrypted data, the receiver creates a trapdoor corresponding to the keyword, then he delivers the trapdoor to server.
| To book, visit trapdoor is beneath a spire, enter at risk Shiverpool
QUEEN OF THE SOUTH v DUMBARTON STEPHEN DOBBIE would love to see old club Dumbarton survive this season - but only after he has pushed them closer to the relegation trapdoor today.
When he arrived there he lifted the trapdoor up and shouted down for the Aid Post Sergeant.
The receiver sends the desired keyword (denoted as a trapdoor) to the email server, which then tests the encrypted emails for the presence of this trapdoor.