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Back Door

1. In business, a slang term describing something unethical. It may also describe the action of circumventing a problem in an unusual (but still ethical) way.

2. Any way to access a computer system other than logging in or using "normal" channels. Programmers often put back doors into their programs, or a hacker may create one.

3. See: Back-Door Listing.

back door

the informal mechanism whereby the BANK OF ENGLAND buys back previously issued TREASURY BILLS in the DISCOUNT MARKET at their ruling market price in order to release money to help the DISCOUNT HOUSES overcome temporary liquidity shortages. This is done as a means of increasing the liquid funds available not only to the discount houses themselves but also to the COMMERCIAL BANKS at prevailing interest rates to enable them to maintain their lending. Compare FRONT DOOR.
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Shakers' | presented by Trap Door Theatre Productions
The trap door, which was just inside the main door of the store, had been present long before Boots took over the building.
String the other end ot me rudder strip through a small hole in the container's lid, and tie it to the trap door as shown in Drawings 1 and 2.
The device is attached to the trap by clamping it (similar to how one would clamp papers together with a standard binder clip) to the top left corner of the front trap door.
Not surprisingly, becoming a super user is relatively easy for individuals experienced in computer operations, because virtually every operating system has a trap door that allows individuals to enter a system and declare themselves the system's manager.
Like trap doors, it is easy to go in one direction (falling through the trap door), but it is very hard to go in the other (climbing out after you've fallen in).
They'll attempt wacky challenges and don daft outfits to win points, while more cowering celebrities face the dreaded trap door and the beloved Nanas return to explain common phrases and topics - usually via rude double entendres
AFC TELFORD 1 WOKING 3 TELFORD slipped closer to the Conference trap door having not won in the league at home since November 12.
TRAP Door Theatre Productions are taking their late Spring tour across the North West having started in North Wales on April 18.
Defending champions Freddies (A) need a kind of magic after going an incredible 10 games without a win and are now hovering just above the trap door.
Draught proofing to be carried out draught sealing strip to be fitted to attic trap door and bolts are to be fitted to compress the trap door onto the seal silicone seal between window frame and window boards seals to be checked on windows and doors and replaced if necessary seal any gaps around waste pipes with expandable foam sealant.