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ISO 4217 code for the Angolan new kwanza. It was introduced in 1990, replacing the first kwanza at a one-to-one ratio. However, Angolans were required to exchange 95% of their old kwanzas for government securities rather than cash. The new kwanza suffered from high inflation. It was replaced by the kwanza readjustado in 1995.

All or none order (AON).

When a trading order is marked AON, the broker who is handling the order must either fill the whole order or not fill it at all.

For example, if you want to buy 1,500 shares at $20 a share and only 1,000 are available at that price, your order won't be filled. However, the order will remain active until you cancel it, and so may be filled at some point in the future.

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Providing individual user targeting for B2B campaigns in the confines of a fully transparent network of premium sites allows us to precisely reach the right users in a brand friendly environment.
Additionally, as Intermatic continues to grow, the Secure Access SSL VPN appliances will allow for rapid and transparent network access to new employees while the disparate networks are integrated.
com brings all participants in the condo hotel marketplace together, offering services and information in an open and transparent network.
Our DWDM transport platform SURPASS hiT 7500 is designed to meet service providers' distance and capacity needs, while enabling a completely flexible and transparent network infrastructure.
Just a "bump-in-the-wire," Compliance Commander is a transparent network sensor offering real-time alerting and auditing of any kind of network traffic with 100% accuracy.
The Mellanox switches seamlessly work with Nutanix enterprise cloud solutions, delivering transparent networks to customers with the benefits of rapid and scalable cloud-like application deployment, and the cost and control advantages of on-premises infrastructure.
The company said that its expertise in network and security architecture, deployment and managed services leads to scalable and transparent networks.
TorreyPoint's innovation in network and security architecture, deployment and managed services results in secure, scalable and transparent networks that solve business problems and increase operational efficiency.
Focuses on roaming hubs (including an, introduction to Sigtran configuration) and transparent networks of hubs
PBX networking is moving toward transparent networks, in which all systems function on a peer-to-peer basis, and users can access an entire spectrum of services throughout the network.

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