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Nuchal translucency, on the other hand, is only interpretable during weeks 11, 12, or 13.
In two recent studies from the United Kingdom, he said 30,564 women and 15,822 women, respectively, were screened by four measures: pregnancy-associated plasma protein A (PAPP-A), human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), nuchal translucency, and nasal bone inspection.
Aneuploidy detection rates improved when first-trimester serum screening was added to nuchal translucency measurement, compared with using nuchal translucency alone to assess risk.
Nuchal translucency testing is a relatively new screening tool used to determine if a baby is at increased risk for having a chromosomal abnormality such as Down syndrome.
Of the 160 patients, 100 were referred because of nuchal translucency greater than the 95th percentile, 51 because of a family history of congenital cardiac defects, and 9 because of the presence of extracardiac lesions.
When nuchal translucency thickness found on ultrasound in the first trimester is at least 2 multiples of the appropriate gestational median (MoM), the risk of a major congenital heart defect is 14 times higher than normal, Lynn L.
We have the capability to use lower cost processors in our clients, thereby enabling us to take a cost leadership position in the market while still generating a high-end look and feel for the consumer user interface with translucency.
NEW YORK -- Ongoing sonographer training and quality control programs are essential for achieving accurate and consistent nuchal translucency measurements in the first trimester, Dr.
The conference will feature "Hands-on" ultrasound training with actual patients in which conference participants can learn the measurement of nuchal translucency.
It acts as an intermediate space between the natural world and the artificial, and its effects of light and shadow, transparency, translucency and even opacity alter constantly with weather, time and season.
Nuchal translucency screening, along with pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A and free [beta]-HCG assessments, detected 8 of these 11 aneuploidies (75%).