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It ensures that these plans are transactionally performed (all or none), and that the current state of the architecture is preserved.
We've been working transactionally with Lilly for almost two decades on the Fisher Clinical Services side, so we had a long history.
Specifically, product support suffers largely from continued reliance on transactionally based systems and processes, inadequate human capital, need for smart managers and smart buyers, organizational challenges, and a lack of shared goals.
Enhanced support for VSS enables transactionally consistent backups of Windows applications as well, enabling administrators to perform single-pass backups that protect both files and applications.
(309) The first circumstance involves interrogation on an unrepresented matter when the defendant is represented on a separate "offense," but where: [T]he two criminal matters are so closely related transactionally, or in space or time, that questioning on the unrepresented matter would all but inevitably elicit incriminating responses regarding the matter in which there had been an entry of counsel.
Best of all, you only pay for forms if you use them, and you pay transactionally by the form, only when you select the form you want.
"Obviously the work is very thin on the ground transactionally on residential and development work at the moment but we've growing massively in some of our other areas, particularly strategic business management "I'm very positive.
What if call centers are transactionally efficient, but relationally unhealthy--even toxic.
Some customers use us transactionally and limit access to where they just send us drawings and specifications, but most engage us very early, which we prefer.
It also turns those markers of distinction into something static, void of the dynamic of change as cultures and contexts blend and influence each other transactionally over time.
In the present longitudinal study, we examine whether marital distress of parents and the emotional adjustment of adolescents and young adults are transactionally related and whether this differs according to adolescent gender and age group.

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