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Nortel's CaaS Transaction Broker allows communication services including conferencing, click-to-call, instant message (IM), video and media services to be integrated into Software as a Service offerings, gaming environments, social networking sites, web mail and wireless TV.
Typically, such a qualified life settlement transaction broker and, if authorized under applicable state law to act as a life settlement broker, the life insurance agent who serves as the life settlement producer broker, share the broker commission payable in a life settlement transaction.
The concept of transaction brokers is inconsistent with buyers' and sellers' expectations and desires as illustrated by one survey that found that 76 percent of the sellers felt that it was very important that the agent represented them exclusively, while 60 percent of the buyers in the same survey said it was important that the agent owed them fiduciary duties.
UK software company Access Accounting Ltd has released a transaction broker for its Access Dimensions Microsoft SQL Server-based accounts software.
The proposed act grafts on to the traditional definition of transaction brokerage a provision that makes the transaction broker a "limited representative" for a buyer or a seller, or both.
Anyone reviewing the 1994 statute can easily pick up the legislative policy that consumers of brokerage services should be fully informed about the existence and nature of the four statutory brokerage relationships available, namely: 1) Single agent for seller, 2) single agent for buyer, 3) disclosed dual agent, and 4) transaction broker.
advising the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors and acting as transaction broker in the $50 million sale of Trinsic Communications, Inc.
MDSI's Transaction Broker module handles the seamless exchange of information between Advantex and SAP solutions.
HLHZ") shall serve as the transaction broker (the "Transaction Broker") subject to being terminated by Petsec as provided in the following sentence.
Industry Market Researchnced that its TPBroker is the industry's first Object Transaction Broker (OTS) to successfully interoperate with the NonStop(R)OTS product from the Tandem Division of Coompaq, users of transactional object products caTS, NonStop JORB/MP and NonStop DOM/MP in a full heterogeneous, two-phase commit environment.
Running NCR TOP END, the company's multi-faceted transaction broker middleware, the WorldMark 4300 launched a transaction from the Microsoft ActiveX platform into a heterogeneous enterprise computing environment, consisting of several operating systems, including UNIX and MVS.
95 per posting rather than a commission and does not charge any percentage fees or additional transaction brokers fees.
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