trailing earnings

Trailing earnings

Past earnings. Often used in the context of the price earnings ratio. This ratio is usually distinguished as price to trailing earnings (today's price divided by the most recent 12 months of earnings) versus price to prospective earnings (today's price divided by consensus forecast earnings for the next 12 months).
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Trailing Earnings

A company's earnings over a previous period of time. Commonly, one examines a company's earnings over the most recently completed fiscal year; these may be considered trailing earnings. However, the term "trailing" often implies a value calculated on a rolling basis. That is, trailing earnings may describe the most recent 12 month period. These earnings will change each month as the nearest month is added to the calculation and the most distant month is dropped. See also: Trailing 12 Month.
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trailing earnings

The earnings per share for a firm's most recently completed fiscal year.
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Still, with stocks trading at 18.5x trailing earnings again on the back of big expectations for the Fed this year, and Fed members setting up reasons for why Jay Powell doesn't need to cut, "good" is sure to still be awkward.
With Boeing stock still trading at a generous valuation of nearly 24 times trailing earnings, investors would probably be better off putting their money elsewhere for the foreseeable future.
That's a very bad index, because 10 years trailing earnings includes lousy earnings in 2009, 2010, 2011.
Using this multiplier against trailing earnings per share of Megaworld at P0.44, we can derive the intrinsic value of the stock at P10.9, which offers a huge 56 percent discount to its current share price.
The analyst also notes that the company's premium valuation of 26.6-times trailing earnings relative to 15-times peer group average is justified by its ongoing turnaround.
If current trends in loan growth and credit cost continue, I see Bank of America shares rise to 34-35 in the next six months as its valuation is still inexpensive at 13 times trailing earnings.
Price to earnings metrics can be significantly under or overstated if forward looking estimates are utilized in lieu of trailing earnings. For the market as a whole, Warren Buffet has a beautifully simple method of determining how expensive markets are at any given time.
The S&P 500 is trading at 22 times trailing earnings, near the highest since 2004, according to FactSet.
"GL's share price increased by more than 1,100 per cent from early 2015 to late 2016," Anonymous Equity said adding that in December 2016, when the share price peaked at 68.20 Thai (e1/41.75), the stock was trading at approximately 115 times trailing earnings and approximately 13.2 times its book value.
The market does however look quite cheap on a historical basis, trading at 15 times trailing earnings. Return on equity, or profit generated as percentage of shareholder equity, is high at almost 20pc.
The ratio of market capitalization to the 12 months trailing earnings was used as a proxy for the effect of reporting earnings on stock prices.
The growth of US forward and trailing earnings has outpaced relative performance so far.