trading pattern

Trading pattern

Long-range direction of a security or commodity futures price, charted by drawing one line connecting the highest prices the security has reached and another line connecting the lowest prices at which the security has traded over the same period. See: Technical analysis.
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Trading Pattern

The graphical representation on a chart of a trend in security prices. Technical analysts identify trading patterns for a security and predict future price movements, in part, by matching current patterns with previous patterns.
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trading pattern

The systematic movement of a security's price during a period of time. Traders attempt to discover trading patterns and profit from them when buying and selling.
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The analyst reiterates an Overweight rating on the stock but acknowledges that "the trading pattern in Linde shares could become sloppy over the coming days."
The erratic market behavior is in line with the end season trading pattern witnessed every year.
Romania's FX reserves saw a marginal increase in January, increasing to E31.5bn from E31.2bn in the previous month.By our estimation this suggests the NBR purchased about E0.3bn of hard currency the past month as it stemmed the rally of the RON.This estimation is very close to our updated calculation for December and is a surprise for us as we inferred from the intraday trading pattern that the NBR had picked up significantly more hard currency during the past month, possibly almost E1bn.Assuming FX interventions were relatively small, this would suggest the market force of the recent rally was not far from the end result that was visible in the market following the supposed NBR interventions.
Gold in Q2 also followed a key sentiment trading pattern. A loss over the quarter of $156/oz gave a fall in value of more than nine per cent.
Summary: The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange has denied reports it started an investigation into suspicious trading pattern linked to the announcement of a state-backed merger between Aldar Properties and Sorouh Real Estate, it said on Tuesday.
"The last-minute rush by many shoppers, combined with a more favourable trading pattern where Christmas fell on Saturday, drove strong sales," it said.
When detecting market abuse, the new surveillance system will use a quantitative approach that will assign a score based on the perceived fairness of a trading pattern. If the score reaches a pre-determined level, the account or trade involved will be associated with suspicious trading.
Summary: Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) has downgraded its rating of the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) to Underweight due to the disappointing trading pattern witnessed in the second quarter of 2008 and the belief that the market is still optimistic on the stock.
Mr Netherton, who was addressing the AGM in Newcastle, blamed slow sales on poor weather and the Easter Holiday trading pattern.
This will enable us to see whether the participation of Greece in the single market has led to convergence of its trading pattern towards that of the EU member states and give some possible explanations for the country's trade performance.
The company added: 'STS's trading pattern is changing and the number of shipments of larger higher value systems to volume production customers has increased during the last year from around 30% of the business in 2005 to over 50% in 2006.'
"The vessel is not optimal in the present trading pattern of Navale Francaise due to the somewhat larger size than the rest of the Navale Francaise fleet," Camillo Eitzen & Co said.