Trading floor

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Trading Floor

The physical place where trading occurs on an exchange with an open outcry system. For example, the New York Stock Exchange has a place where traders and members gather to buy and sell securities. Many exchanges are moving away from trading floors and toward conducting more trades electronically. It is also called a floor.

Trading floor.

The trading floor is the active trading area of a stock exchange, such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Securities are traded double auction style on an exchange trading floor. That means the prices are set by competitive bidding between brokers representing buyers and brokers representing sellers, following a series of clearly established exchange rules.

Many market maker firms refer to the space in their offices that they have allocated for trading as their trading floor. The same term is used to describe the trading areas in banks and brokerage firms.

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In addition to powerful suggested prayers throughout the book, the final chapter of the book provides additional more specific prayers for accessing the trading floors of heaven.
For the first time since the unification of two legacy stock exchanges 25 years ago, the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) opened a unified trading floor at its new headquarters in Bonifacio Global City on Monday, auspiciously timed on the first trading day of the new lunar Year of the Dog.
He noted that, "for the first time, traders from the old Manila Stock Exchange and the old Makati Stock Exchange now share one trading floor. What better place to witness this unification and to pursue our aspirations to become a world-class exchange than here at the world-class Bonifacio Global City, one of the most modern and progressive places in the country."
On this trading floor, 3,400 MT of aluminum, 131,707 MT of steel products, 7,540 MT of copper, 6,100 MT of cement, 160 MT of molybdenum concentrates, 12 MT of precious metal concentrates as well as 20 kg of gold bullion were traded.
The enormous success and warm welcome of the first educational trading floor at Dubai Men's College and its outstanding contribution in liking theoretical studies with practice and introducing students to stock market sector have been the key drivers to plan for new educational trading floors.
Brookfield plans to undertake a renovation on one of the trading spaces to create a modern, double-height galleried trading floor alongside the additional infill of a slab to create offices.
Its trader blade workstations slash downtime and create an improved work environment by eliminating heat and noise from the trading floor. ClearCube blade workstations power trading floors at numerous financial institutions in the Baltic nations, including Carnegie and SEB.
Ian O'Hare of Black Horse said, 'Stock Market Challenge provides a unique opportunity for pupils to learn how to work as a team, make decisions under pressure, take calculated risks and experience the excitement of the trading floor.
NICE expects the transaction to consolidate the company's leadership position with the largest market share in contact centers, financial trading floors and with first responders and command and control centers.
Systems integration firm BT Syntegra has announced that it has installed its new ITS p31 trading floor telephony switch at three customer sites.
The site is a multimedia site where farmers can hear farm news reports as well as audio market comments directly from the trading floors. The site will also publish a daily newsletter with a summary of farm news, markets and weather, which will be e-mailed to farmers who register.
Gursky's latest offering featured his signature panoramic vistas of the weirdly spectacular yet antiseptic public spaces of late capitalism: discount superstores, cavernous hotel lobbies, stock-market trading floors. Also on display were three "micro-panoramas," massively enlarged close-ups of a page from a book (Robert Musil's Man Without Qualities) and of paintings (a Constable, a van Gogh).