Trading floor

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Trading Floor

The physical place where trading occurs on an exchange with an open outcry system. For example, the New York Stock Exchange has a place where traders and members gather to buy and sell securities. Many exchanges are moving away from trading floors and toward conducting more trades electronically. It is also called a floor.

Trading floor.

The trading floor is the active trading area of a stock exchange, such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Securities are traded double auction style on an exchange trading floor. That means the prices are set by competitive bidding between brokers representing buyers and brokers representing sellers, following a series of clearly established exchange rules.

Many market maker firms refer to the space in their offices that they have allocated for trading as their trading floor. The same term is used to describe the trading areas in banks and brokerage firms.

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The educational trading floor has been inaugurated in the presence of Essa Kazim, chairman of DFM, Hassan Abdulrahman Al Serkal, chief operations officer (COO), DFM and Muthanna Abdul Razzaq, president and CEO of the AUE.
Based on the resolution of the cabinet and the long-term strategies of the government to boost the export of crude oil and petrochemical products in a transparent and lawful market, IME was mandated to establish export trading floor in the Kish Island in Persian Gulf.
This enables the firms to use the same systems and personnel on and off the trading floor.
The state-of-the-art trading floor complements Fidelity 's 450-seat floor in Boston, and allows its sales traders to be closer to their New York customers.
Five virtual days of trading are condensed into two hours,with teams dealing in shares on a live trading floor.
Luke, Terry and Frank are all very experienced professionals who bring a vast knowledge of the NYSE trading floor operations to the firm that will differentiate Mack Trading from our competitors," said Stephen MacKenzie, CEO of Mack Trading LLC.
The report adds, 5,200 MT of 6070 bitumen was traded in export trading floor with the total value of 3 million USD.
It helps institutions to better ensure traceability and regulatory compliance initiatives governing trading floor monitoring.
Housed adjacent to the main NYSE equities trading floor on Wall Street and built to suit the exchange's hybrid trading model, the trading floor features two adjoining rooms with trading pits for open outcry trading as well as booths for electronic trading by market makers, specialists and broker-dealers.
Earlier, he was Senior Vice President and Director of Real Estate for Newport Financial Centers in Jersey City, New Jersey, where he managed construction of the largest UPS plant in the world at the time, having a value of approximately $25 million; and built over 50 Trading Floors and 40 Data Centers for companies such as Morgan Stanley.
It once allowed Gateway computer to haul a cow onto the trading floor as part of a publicity stunt.
IPC's Boston POP location now joins New York and London in its ability to provide IP-based trader voice services via EVS, which was developed specifically by IPC to meet the robust requirements of the trading floor.