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McClatchy (NYSE: MNI) is trading down 32 cents to $8.
Traffic is the same, or even a little higher, but shoppers are buying less and trading down on size, Murphy says.
54 percent, while India's S&P BSE Sensex, which plunged to a two-year low Thursday, was trading down 0.
40, and down against the Swiss franc, with USD/CHF trading down 0.
Cash-strapped consumers trading down from brands had boosted sales of the range, which includes whisky, gin, vodka, brandy and rum, claimed Landmark.
In a statement ahead of entering a close period the Aim-listed company said it had been hit by consumers trading down and more frequently choosing products on promotion.
In other words, while beauty consumers are not trading down, they are imposing limits on their spending.
Greater collaboration can help improve efficiencies, but all the tiers must still confront the trading down phenomenon, panelists said.
Analyst Darren Shirley added: "Management believes it has won customers from all three of its major rivals, though, interestingly, it believes it has also been the major beneficiary of trading down from the more premium priced retailers - this is Marks & Spencer and Waitrose.
The study, which surveyed nearly 1,000 households during September, found that while 43 percent of respondents were eating out less and 39 percent were trading down, only 10 percent had switched to cheaper brands of alcohol.
Shares of McClatchy are trading down 4 cents to $10.
Between 1998 and 2003 just under two-thirds of the money that was taken out of property was released by people trading down to a smaller house or ceasing to be homeowners completely.