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If the don't resolve flag is set, routers other than the home touters of the destination host do not execute address resolution for the destination host.
(31) In October of 1998, an SEC-conducted Internet fraud sweep that focused on illegal touting revealed that nearly $7 million in cash and over two million shares were garnered by just forty-four illegal touters. (32)
Also in the batch processing area are: two Heian CNC touters with 5-foot-by-5-foot tables, a Heian machining center with an automatic tool changer and V-grooving head; a Komo CNC router: Accu-Systems drilling and dowel inserters; and a Torwegge double-end tenoner.
The IPLMS will collect network information from the switches and touters in the network, analyze the information and provide the IT manager with an end-to-end connectivity map of the physical layer.
The panels are cut on one of three Holzma CNC panel saws and then processed on one of three Weeke CNC machining centers or one of the company's two Homag CNC touters. The panels are then edgebanded on one of two Homag front milling edgebanders.
The nesting capability of the touters also has enabled the company to offer other added-value services on its casework.
Manufacturers of materials handling, gluing equipment, dust collection, fingerjointers, moulders, planers, cut-off and rip saws, touters, tenoners, CNC machinery, dry kilns, optimizing equipment, finishing systems, yield improvement systems, tooling, software and business solutions are represented.
Rock uses two Techno CNC touters to produce the wood components.
The WGX CNC grinder is capable of manufacturing and resharpening a variety of woodworking tools, from round shank cutters to profile touters or blades.
Manufacturer of CNC touters, inverted routers and routing accessories.