total volume

Total volume

The total number of shares or contracts traded on national and regional exchanges in a stock, bond, commodity, future, or option on a certain day.
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Total Volume

The aggregate number of trades that take place for a security or on an exchange on a given trading day. A high total volume is an indicator of a high level of interest in a security at its current price. It is an especially important tool in technical analysis, in which volume is used to determine the strength of a market indicator. For example, a price rise on heavy trading volume indicates that that price rise is a true indicator, while a technical analyst likely would be more skeptical of the same rise on lighter trading volume. The method for determining total volume is called volume counting. In the United States, the SEC determines the methodology of volume counting. It is often called volume or trading volume.
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total volume

The aggregate amount of trading in a security on a particular security exchange, or in a specific type of security such as stocks, bonds, options, or futures contracts. Also called rate of return.
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Release date- 23082019 - USD-denominated bonds (AMHEZBB26ER7) were listed with 3 million total volume, 100 USD nominal value, 5.50% coupon yield, and 36-month maturity period.
In 2018, the total volume of hog production in the country was 2,319,764 metric tons, while the total volume of hog production in Calabarzon was 381,590 metric tons.
The volume of funding directed to manufacturing sector was about EGP 1.004bn, benefiting 199,938 clients, equivalent to 7.28% of the total volume of funding and 6.8% of total beneficiaries.
The total volume of exports of Azerbaijani products through the "single window"system in January-July 2019 amounted to $71.8 million, according to the Export Review of the Center for Economic Reforms Analysis and Communication.
Investments from China make 69.8% of the total volume of investments, the Netherlands - 7.6%, the UK - 4.3%, Turkey - 3.3% and Switzerland - 3%.
Total volume of gas delivered to Ghana National Gas Company (GNGC), from November 2014 to September 2018, was 102,043 million standard cubic feet (MMscf)
Saudi Arabia and Russia came in a close second and third, with each country producing a total volume of 561 and 554 million tons of oil respectively.
17 with a total volume of P15 billion each auction.
The country's meat imports this year is on track to hit a new record high, as total volume from January-to-July posted a 27.91-percent growth driven by higher demand for protein and processed meat products.
While a considerable number of fast-moving consumer goods continue to shrink, the Brazilian coffee category remains resilient, registering a 3.2 percent increase in total volume sales (tonnes) in 2017, according to Euromonitor International.
Besides, the news of IBEX going for IPO with intention to list on NASDAQ triggered TRG to trade at upper circuit and ranked 5th among total volume leaders, market participants said.