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The two year annualised total shareholder return of acquirers was 13.9% higher than the local market return on average for capability-driven deals, versus 9.4% lower than the local market return on average for limited-fit deals, the report said.
Business groups are unhappy about the proposed Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) rule that would require public companies to include a graph in their proxy statements that compares the pay received by "named executive officers" to total shareholder return (TSR) and then require the companies to compare those metrics to other companies in a peer group.
Median relative total shareholder return drops to -13 per cent at these companies in the year leading up to the turnover and only recovers somewhat to -0.6 per cent in the year after.
companies grant performance-based equity today and half of those use relative total shareholder return (TSR) as a performance measure.
"[W]e heard that there was some shareholder concern about using relative total shareholder return as the sole performance measure under our long-term incentive program," the statement says.
Coupled with the 4.4% dividend yield, the total shareholder return is 7.1%.
The Group has delivered a total shareholder return of 12% per annum since flotation, returning $1.4 billion of capital to shareholders.
The move is in line with Meredith's total shareholder return strategy and will immediately add to earnings and cash flow, while substantially increasing its competitive presence in Springfield, where it also runs the CBS affiliate station, chairman and CEO Stephen M Lacy said in a comment.
"More important than sheer growth in size, ARCP over the trailing 12-months has been among the best performing REITs on the exchanges, with total shareholder return of 58% and an increased annualized rental income from less than $25 million to more than $527 million.
Global equity markets took a giant step forward in 2012, generating an average total shareholder return (TSR) of 18% according to a recent study conducted by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), entitled "Signs of Sustainable Value Creation".
Fortescue Metals - with a market capitalisation of around US$15.5bn at the time of writing - is a pure play iron ore producer who has returned an average total shareholder return, annualised at 92.5% over the past ten years to shareholders.

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