total revenue

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Total revenue

Total sales and other revenue for the period shown. Known as "turnover" in the U.K.
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Total Revenue

The total amount of a company's sales and other sources of income. It is important to note that revenue is distinct from earnings or profits, which takes expenses into account. Obviously, however, high total revenue is desirable for any company.
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Fig. 187 Total revenue.

total revenue

the aggregate revenue obtained by a FIRM from the sale of a particular quantity of output, equal to price times quantity. Under conditions of PERFECT COMPETITION, the firm faces a horizontal DEMAND CURVE at the going market price. Each extra unit of output sold (MARGINAL REVENUE) adds exactly the same amount to total revenue as previous units. Hence, total revenue is a straight upward sloping line (see Fig. 187 (a) ). Under conditions of imperfect competition (for example, MONOPOLISTIC COMPETITION), the firm faces a downward-sloping demand curve and price has to be lowered in order to sell more units. As price is lowered, each extra unit of output sold (marginal revenue) adds successively smaller amounts to total revenue than previous units. Thus, total revenue rises but at a decreasing rate, and eventually falls (see Fig. 187 ).

Total revenue interacts with TOTAL COST in determining the level of output at which the firm achieves its objective of PROFIT MAXIMIZATION.

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As a result of the movement in revenue and costs this month, profit conversion at hotels in the Middle East & Africa was recorded at just 23.1% of total revenue and fell to less than half of the year-to-date 2018 GOPPAR figure at $70.31.
Efficiency-The operating efficiency ratio, represented as a dollar figure, is an organization's total revenue divided by its total assets.
The total revenue foregone in the form of exemptions and tax holidays was Nu 4.40bn.
* This report provides you with a breakdown of market data including data on establishments by hotel category, rooms by hotel category, room occupancy rate by hotel category, rooms nights available by hotel category, rooms nights occupied by hotel category, revenue per available room by hotel category, revenue per occupied room by hotel category, total revenue per available room, total room revenue by hotel category and customer type, total non room revenue by hotel category and customer type, total revenue by hotel category and customer type and guests by hotel category and customer type.
Operating result (EBIT) for the quarter October-December 2005 amounted to a loss of NOK3.84m on total revenue of NOK531.4m.
CDT reported total second-quarter revenue of $268,000, up from total revenue of $93,000 for the comparable period of the previous year, while the company's total revenue for the six months ended June 30 was $460,000, up from total revenue of $287,000 for the first half of 2004.
Quantum reported total fourth-quarter revenue of $37.6 million, up from total revenue of $9.1 million during the comparable period of FY 04, while the company's total revenue for the year ended April 30 was $54.3 million, compared to total revenue of $28.1 million for the previous fiscal year.
That is, over the range of output for which product price exceeds marginal cost for a ppt, increased production will increase total profit since total revenue will increase by more than total cost; similarly, over the range of labor for which marginal revenue product exceeds labor's wage for a rpt, the hire of additional labor will increase total profit for the same reason.
Second, using the total revenue number calculated in the first step, select the appropriate fiscal year:
The cosmetics company's sales in Latin America, which represent a third of total revenue, rose 6% in 2003 to US$1.7 billion, an all-time high.
For the period ending July 31, the privately held ERP provider reported total revenue of $85.2m, a 19% increase on the year-ago quarter, and EBITA earnings of $22.1m.