total return

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Total return

In performance measurement, the actual rate of return realized over some evaluation period. In fixed income analysis, the potential return that considers all three sources of return (coupon interest, interest on coupon interest, and any capital gain/loss) over some investment horizon.
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Total Return

The complete amount one receives on an investment, expressed either as the rate of return or as a dollar figure. One calculates the total return simply by adding coupons or dividends to capital gains.
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total return

The sum of dividend or interest income and any capital gain. Total return is generally considered a better measure of an investment's return than dividends or interest alone.
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Total return.

Total return is your annual gain or loss on an equity or debt investment.

It includes dividends or interest, plus any change in the market value of the investment. When total return is expressed as a percentage, it's figured by dividing the increase or decrease in value, plus dividends or interest, by the original purchase price.

On bonds you hold to maturity, however, your total return is the same as your yield to maturity (YTM).

Calculating total return is more complex if your earnings have been reinvested, as they often are in a mutual fund, to buy more shares. But fund companies do that calculation on a regular basis.

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total return

The sum of periodic income and property appreciation.
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The Cushing MLP & Infrastructure Total Return Fund (NYSE:SRV) revealed on Tuesday that it will pay a common stock distribution of USD0.0903 per share for September 2019.
For the year to the end of March, the FTSE 250 investment firm saw a net asset value total return of 10.9%, outperforming its internal annual performance target of Retail Price Index plus 3% to RPI plus 6%.
Board of directors of ClearBridge Energy MLP Total Return Fund Inc.
Among mREITs, the home financing segment had a 23.3% total return last year, while the commercial financing segment gained 9.1%.
The combined fund will adopt the name "Virtus Total Return Fund Inc." and retain the "ZF" ticker symbol.
Eight Equity REIT property sectors and subsectors outperformed the 3.92 percent total return of the FTSE NAREIT All Equity REITs Index in the first four months of the year.
equity REITs ended 2014 with a total return for the year of 27.5 percent, double the 13.7 percent return posted by the S&P 500 for the year.
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COMMERCIAL property in the UK produced a total return of 0.5% in November, with uncertainty over the country's economic prospects and its ability to avoid recession in 2012 weighing on property values, Investment Property Databank (IPD) said.
Fixed-income commercial mortgage investments produced a 2.31 percent total return in the third quarter, reported Richmond, Virginia-based John B.

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