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These innovative products are intended to mimic the economics of a total return swap in futures form, allowing swap dealers and their end customers to avoid higher costs as a result of new swap margin rules," said Tim McCourt, CME Group Global Head of Equity Products.
REITs also performed well compared to the broader stock market on a five-year basis: the FTSE NAREIT All REITs Index delivered a compound annual total return of 16.
S&P Palestine BMI (US Dollar) Gross Total Return - 23/9/2011
Total return measures vary, but generally, total return is a ratio of investment income and capital gains to market value.
Thus, by extending the yield curve with the portion of the corporation's cash that serves as core, you can garner a meaningful total return and yield enhancement over conventional 90-day money market instruments.
Industrial properties were the highest performing in the index during the quarter with total return of 5.
International Game Technology (NYSE: IGT) hit "big, no whammies," with an average total return of 80.
Through November 1996, REITs recorded a total return of 23-45 percent, compared to 12-15 percent one year earlier.
Standard high street shops steamed ahead of all others with total return at 3.

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