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4% of the total capitalization of all existing firms.
Our reduction of net debt in the fourth quarter of 2005 was approximately $192 million, leading the Company to anticipate a ratio of net debt to total capitalization of approximately 33% at year end, meaningful progress when compared to the 41% result achieved at the end of 2004.
Brookwood and its affiliated entities have purchased real estate and corporate securities with a total capitalization of over $750 million.
This latest transaction adds to an existing Winthrop portfolio that represents over $6 billion in total capitalization, and with over 2,500 employees, makes Winthrop Financial Associates one of the nation's largest real estate investment and management corporations.
On a pro forma basis, the debt issuance will increase SDG&E's total debt to total capitalization ratio to 48% from 43%, and total debt to cash flow from operations to 3.
At June 30, 2005, debt at KMI, including deferrable interest debentures, was approximately 43% of total capitalization and debt-to-EBITDA for the 12-month period was approximately 2.
The joint venture also acquired one additional storage property bringing the total capitalization to more than $400 million.