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The ISO 4217 currency code for the Tonga Pa'anga.


Indicates the higher price one is willing to pay for a stock in an order; implies a not held order.


ISO 4217 representation for the Tongan pa'anga. It is officially pegged to a currency basket that includes the Australian dollar and the New Zealand dollar, as well as the yen and United States dollar. However, the National Reserve Bank (Tonga) sets the exchange rate to the Australian dollar each day. Critics contend that this official exchange rate bears little reflection to the currency basket. The pa'anga is divided into 100 seniti. See also: Currency pair.


The highest level to which a stock, a market index, or some other asset will rise. A top may be short-term or long-term, depending upon the type of price movement being evaluated. Compare bottom.
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New York City Dance Alliance's closing night gala topped off a five-day marathon of workshops and preliminary competitions.
Bermondsey's new Underground station is a synthesis of heroic engineering structures animated by light, topped off by a sleek, transparent box at ground level.
The coating, secreted by mucous cells, is topped off with a detergentlike molecule called a phospholipid.
This positive growth was topped off by further launches of wide bandgap materials products for the commercial sector.
The evening was topped off by the rocking New York Real Estate All-Star Band.
The ceremony topped off a day of celebration for dozens of activists, environmentalists and politicians who helped stop a proposed 3,050-home development and preserve the 2,800 acres of rolling hills as open space.
based Burt Automotive Network, which ranked third on the 2006 Hispanic Business 500E1/2, topped off the list with revenues of $2.
The $500 million, 46-story glass and steel tower that will be the home of The Hearst Organization world headquarters and the first "Gold Rated" green building in the city was topped off this week, with dignitaries from around the globe witnessing the historic event.