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Recent studies have made use of different models to examine the influence of topography on climate (e.g., Lee et al.
Sub-Micron Topography: The option exists for a more complex topography with the discrete crystalline deposition of calcium phosphate nanoparticles.
Glaciers could similarly be preserving topography in the southernmost Andes today, researchers reported in September in Nature.
In operation, this method collects both surface topography and internal feature data several thousand times a second.
The questionnaire revealed that 46.5% of the sample had engaged in at least one topography of PIB within the 2 months prior to completion of the questionnaire.
"Surfing involves wave prediction, meteorology, astronomy, the sun, the moon, tides, seasons, geography, and topography. You learn about the chemistry of the water, temperature, salinity, and animals, like stingrays, seals, otters, and whales."
They consider such topics as the optics of the cornea, the topographical presentation of common corneal diseases, refractive surgery treatments that combine wavefront and topography approaches, and a number of commercial topographic systems now available.
Al-Sayed's response to this challenging topography is to partially embed the house in the hillside, so that the upper level seems to float free from its earthly, concrete moorings.
The remarks of Yu Myung Hwan, South Korea's first vice minister for foreign affairs and trade, to a parliamentary committee follow Seoul's earlier indication that it would delay its plan to name seafloor topography near the islets known as Dokdo in South Korea and Takeshima in Japan.
Planners, who understand the city as a set of systems, have seen those systems come apart: Topography went first, as the flood produced a new water datum, in places ten feet and more above the former ground level; then the infrastructure of transportation and utilities, the local and regional economy, the uniquely vibrant culture, and the myriad patterns and associations of citizens were drowned or dispersed.
Tokyo, Japan, Sept 21, 2005 - (JCNN) - The Japan Weather Association (JWA) and Kansai Electric Power have co-developed LAWEPS-Planner, a system to support the deployment of windmills that are adaptable to Japan's topography and climate.
Chief Teie covers fireline safety, fire weather, topography and fuels, wildland fire behavior, fire extinguishment methods, initial attack strategy and tactics, the use of firefighting resources, wildland/urban firefighting strategy and tactics, incident command system, firefighting realities, and firefighting situations.