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The ISO 4217 currency code for the Tonga Pa'anga.


Indicates the higher price one is willing to pay for a stock in an order; implies a not held order.


ISO 4217 representation for the Tongan pa'anga. It is officially pegged to a currency basket that includes the Australian dollar and the New Zealand dollar, as well as the yen and United States dollar. However, the National Reserve Bank (Tonga) sets the exchange rate to the Australian dollar each day. Critics contend that this official exchange rate bears little reflection to the currency basket. The pa'anga is divided into 100 seniti. See also: Currency pair.


The highest level to which a stock, a market index, or some other asset will rise. A top may be short-term or long-term, depending upon the type of price movement being evaluated. Compare bottom.
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But sources say that the top-secret classification was made not to protect the late princess or details of her private and sex life - but to keep the lid on how the U.
In a written statement slipped out this week Defence Minister Ivor Caplin acknowledged there was a drugs problem at the top-secret site.
BREACH: Castlereagh police station where the top-secret files were stolen
in an apparent nod to the massive amount of top-secret work once performed in Burbank, announced Wednesday it has formed a new entity called The Secret Lab for visual effects work.
Is there really a top-secret government organization responsible for covering up the truth about UFOs?
to develop top-secret stealth technology, held ceremonies Thursday to show off its 40,000-square-foot high-definition transfer and conversion center.
The air filtration system uses HEPA filters, which were developed by the USA Armed Forces Laboratory for the USA Atomic Energy Commission to meet a top-secret need for an efficient, effective way to filter radioactive particle contaminants.
There is good reason for working in top-secret areas behind concrete walls and dark-paned windows.
Opening one of John and Danita Thomas' Kid Concoctions books is like taking a sneak peek at top-secret FBI spy files.
Preservationists and officials with the Federal Aviation Administration, which is expected to fund the majority of the airport's estimated $250 million expansion, are scrambling to determine if the buildings, including a giant hangar where the top-secret planes were produced, are significant.
For its report, the Globe reviewed declassified top-secret documents, photographs, and the transcript of the Army Inspector General's investigation into the incident.
In its 29-page complaint, Orem-base Novell accuses the defendants of conspiring to steal trade secrets and breach employee contracts in the development and pending release of Novell's top-secret clustering technology.