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(1) To agree to buy. A dealer or customer who agrees to buy at another dealer's offered price is said to take the offer. (2) Euro bankers speak of taking deposits rather than buying money.

Take a Position

The state of owning or owing a security or other asset. One has a long position when one owns something, while one has a short position when something is sold, especially sold short. See also: Close a position.


To accept the price at which a dealer offers a security.


(1) A generic term meaning to acquire title by whatever means, such as by deed, by will, by purchase,or by gift,to name a few.(2) A common expression for a condemnation under the power of eminent domain.

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I WOULD like to thank the staff at Felling Co-op Store for the help and support I received from them recently when I took ill in the store.
I'D like to say a big thank you to everyone at the pantomime at the Pavilion in Glasgow on Thursday who helped me when I took ill.
The Bosnian-born star took ill during the warm-up for Saturday's SPL game against Motherwell.
The revelation came weeks after six children and their teacher at Rio Vista Elementary School, also in the Saugus District, took ill and tested positive for chemicals used in the manufacture of the temporary buildings used as classrooms.