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1. In technical analysis, a situation in which the supply and demand for a security are largely the same. A line means that the security is unlikely to see any rapid fluctuation in price. It is called a line because, when plotted on a graph, it looks like a roughly horizontal line. Technical analysts look for signals that a line is ready to break one way or another before recommending that investors take a position on a security.

2. Informal; workers in a large, industrial company. They are called the line because, historically, they assembled the parts of a product while literally standing next to each other in a long line, also called an assembly line.


In technical analysis, a horizontal pattern on a price chart indicating a period during which supply and demand for a security are relatively equal. Technical analysts generally look for the price to break away from the line, at which time they are likely to take a position in the direction of the movement. See also making a line.
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With the Cartiva implant the extra bone is also cleared, but instead of making the joint immobile, we fix metal rods in both the toe and the socket and introduce the implant which cushions the area where the toe and the foot meet, just as normal cartilage would.
High-heeled shoes, or footwear that is too tight in the toe box, crowd toes into a space in which they cannot lie flat.
He further said the toes are put into the drinks of patrons about 30 to 40 times per night.
Now I can wear high heels again, but I can't bend my toes at all.
To talk about toes and whatever afterwards is just cry-baby stuff and I thought it was quite embarrassing.
A case of dorsal dislocation of the proximal interphalangeal joint of the fourth toe.
The first metatarsal and big toe are long, which puts undue pressure on that area.
As previously noted, this condition is most commonly brought on by hyperextension of the big toe.
If the fake toe lightens the volunteers' steps, it will go on record as the oldest known working prosthesis--beating out an artificial leg from 300 B.
LONGER, NARROW BIG TOE You're likely to gravitate toward more tech-y pursuits.
Each toe pad consists of hexagonal skin cells that are covered in cleatlike bumps.
A family history of toe-walking ranges from 30% to 71% in the literature and is considered a characteristic of idiopathic toe walking.