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A deed is a written document that transfers ownership of land or other real estate from the owner, also known as the grantor, to the buyer, or grantee.

The form a deed takes varies from place to place, but the overall structure and the provisions it contains are the same. The description of the property being transferred is always included.

When you use a mortgage to purchase the property that's being transferred by deed, you may receive the deed at the time of purchase, with the lender holding a lien on the property. Or the deed may belong to the lender until you have paid off the mortgage.

In either case, a deed's creation must be witnessed and should be recorded with the appropriate local authority to ensure its validity.


A written document properly signed,acknowledged,and delivered,and bearing a description of specific property and words of conveyance for that property.

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For the entire procedure to be completed, it goes without saying that first the title deed must be issued and to issue the deed the necessary certificates must be provided by municipal authorities and district administrations," Socratous said.
For the loss of rental Income, we will need the title deed, passport and visa copy of both owner and tenant, a copy of the original Torch Tower tenancy contract, and proof they reimbursed the tenant part of his/her rent.
In addition, after deciding on the property to be purchased, it is recommended to check the property details in the relevant title deed office.
The title deed for the town of Old Radnor has been bought by Powys County Council Archives, with assistance from the Victoria & Albert Museum Purchase Grant Fund and donations from the Radnorshire Society, Powys Family History Society and Mike Cole in memory of his wife Sadie Cole.
1% compared with the year 2010, thus recording more than 10,000 cases of title deed acquisitions.
Shahram Safai, Partner, Afridi & Angell legal consultants said: "Without a title deed, the property investor is at risk that his property could be claimed by a third party.
We've been working on this for three years," said UCI General Manager Khaled Al Sabawi, explaining how much of the land being offered in the venture was bought from owners holding it under power of attorney -- legal status far short of title deed.
A copy of the title deed of Mother Teresa's house can be found in Skopje's museum and according to Anton Sereci from the association "Mother Teresa', the sole successor of the Bojaxhiu's land is Mother Teresa's granddaughter that lives in Italy.
The congregations said, however, that not only do they hold the title deed to the properties but they also have "beneficial ownership" of them since they had bought, paid for, and maintained the buildings.
But a legal expert said: "Anyone can go to court for free to change their name using a title deed poll.
Although this was annoying in itself, the major shock was that in order to transfer a title deed, there was a ``transfer tax'' of $1.
com includes a proprietary Real Estate Index, which features the state's most comprehensive collection of land title deed data, provided by Attorneys' Title Insurance Fund (The Fund), combined with expert analysis by Florida's leading real estate economist, Dr.