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A deed is a written document that transfers ownership of land or other real estate from the owner, also known as the grantor, to the buyer, or grantee.

The form a deed takes varies from place to place, but the overall structure and the provisions it contains are the same. The description of the property being transferred is always included.

When you use a mortgage to purchase the property that's being transferred by deed, you may receive the deed at the time of purchase, with the lender holding a lien on the property. Or the deed may belong to the lender until you have paid off the mortgage.

In either case, a deed's creation must be witnessed and should be recorded with the appropriate local authority to ensure its validity.


A written document properly signed,acknowledged,and delivered,and bearing a description of specific property and words of conveyance for that property.

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Disputes have erupted in many areas over absence of title deeds.
In September however, the Larnaca district court upheld the 2015 law, allowing trapped property buyers to obtain their title deeds irrespective of the developers' own commitments to banks.
1 Perfection of a mortgage for units for which no title deed is issued
It's an obstacle course that requires a lot of patience and is very difficult for an individual to do on their own," he said, unfurling a three-page long flow chart detailing the steps required to secure title deed from the Palestinian Authority.
Dandora dumpsite is almost 30 years old but had no title deed.
Last September though, Larnaca district court used the 2015 law to allow buyers to obtain their title deeds, disregarding the developer's contractual obligations to the bank.
According to Turkish legislation, as a general rule applicable both foreigners and Turkish citizens, the transfer of the ownership of a property can only made in title deed offices.
Nigel Howarth explained that this revised statement means that the MoU no longer refer to all the reported 130,000 properties that have yet to be issued with title deeds, but only to those where an application has been made to the Land Registry to issue its title deed or a Certificate of Final Approval has been issued.
I AM writing with regard to your article on homeowners in Riffa Views who are unable to attain their title deeds to their homes.
We are delighted to commence handover of freehold apartment title deed and sincerely thank all our valued customers for their trust and support.
Shahram Safai, Partner, Afridi & Angell legal consultants said: "Without a title deed, the property investor is at risk that his property could be claimed by a third party.
According to Dikena, Gruevski's demand of the Islamic Religious Community (IVZ) to show him property title deed is an expression of political mediocrity and cynics.