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Wenger believes winning the Premiership title and going for the double could be enough to tip the balance towards United.
One in 10 Labour voters staying at home could tip the balance.
And every right voter helps tip the balance of left power in Hollywood.
Coast did attempt two long-range penalties in the last quarter to try to tip the balance but they missed the target.
Howley was one of five star names who came on after an hour to help tip the balance against a plucky Leeds side, coached by former Wales forward Phil Davies.
In an El Nino year, Wigley says, "you don't need very much to tip the balance from routine to record.
LIBERAL DEMOCRATS are hoping this is the year to tip the balance of power on Warwick District Council.
In this new era of flourishing e-Business, e-publishers are quickly realizing that a superior end-user experience can truly tip the balance in their favor.
If you could never choose between Angry Birds and Cut The Rope as top iPhone puzzler of all time, these experiments may just tip the balance.
Dave Beattie's solid strike was enough to tip the balance against a resilient Black Horse who played their part in an entertaining tussle.
That reason is the health and apparent return to dominance of Pedro Martinez, who could tip the balance of Boston's opening-round series against Oakland toward the Red Sox.
A former eventer with Ian Stark, jumping is his strong point and that may just tip the balance in his favour in this modest maiden chase.