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1/16 or 0.0625 of one full point in price. Steenth.
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1. Prior to decimalization, one-sixteenth of one point. That is, if a stock price falls a teenie, it falls 1/16 of a dollar.

2. After decimalization, one cent.
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The artist's untroubled creative id was particularly vivid in the dozens of discrete objects that populated a wall of small shelves, delicately cloddish sculptures looking like something from the workroom of Franz West's little sister: tiny houses and containers and doll-like protuberances, all made from ad hoc combinations of craft-basket bits and bobs in taffy pinks, baby blues, and creamy yellows, sewn and glued and pinned together, then sugarcoated with glitter and lace.
But how truly different this is from tiny human embryos actually being produced to be destroyed, ostensibly to help us.
Those involved in Tiny Tots' creation shared a purpose: to provide affordable, flexible, child care support for families.
Fionnguala, a freelance editor, has decided to join the global tiny house movement that's grown in popularity since the 1990s and has its roots in the States,WalesOnline reports.
It's just a shame that, although Tiny Metal's grid-based battling is almost equal to the strategic quality of Advance Wars, this unashamed clone doesn't go far enough.
Tiny said it will throw its full weight behind the platform and to continue to invest time, energy and capital into making Shopify the #1 choice for online retailers.
Tiny said Shopify is the best ecommerce platform in the market and is well-positioned to help bring more retailers online.
In this article, we discuss how students can work in an engineering design setting to explore potential solutions for combatting veteran homelessness through the creation of small, scale-model "tiny homes" (Figures 1 and 2).
Tiny Lives has offered a lifeline to premature and sick newborn babies and their loved ones during their time at the Neonatal Unit on Ward 35 of the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle - and beyond - since 1983.
"Fashion is global, but the Tiny House of Fashion is mobile," says Danelle Johnson, boutique owner of Virginia's first "tiny house" of mobile fashion.