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1/16 or 0.0625 of one full point in price. Steenth.


1. Prior to decimalization, one-sixteenth of one point. That is, if a stock price falls a teenie, it falls 1/16 of a dollar.

2. After decimalization, one cent.
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No, Tiny Drake has not exactly lived an ordinary life.
2 -- color) Julie Freeman, 29, of Chatsworth makes sure tiny daughter Alexandra is safely buckled into her car seat for her first ride, which took her home from the hospital where she's been cared for since her premature birth four months ago.
Even so, we believe Tiny is a sufficiently significant concept to merit a focused exploration of it as a distinct value.
However, the task of devising these craft is challenging work, beset by complications that go far beyond the inherent difficulty of fabricating tiny gizmos.
Their work may help them eventually make and operate tiny, nanoscale machines.
CA will continue to market Tiny Software solutions as standalone offerings as it incorporates them into its eTrust Integrated Threat Management software portfolio.
Tiny the Jack Russell is the Examiner's Pet Idol 2005.
The tiny white billows entered the bottom of the flue and emerged near the ceiling as cartoonlike puffs of smoke, now dark blue yet as cuddly and harmless as when they entered.
Each coral polyp starts out as a tiny larva (immature form of an invertebrate).
So far, no matter how clear-cut the arguments are against embryonic stem cell research, there are still too few of us who fully comprehend that extracting stem cells from living human embryos, there-by killing the tiny person, is a form of cannibalism.
Those involved in Tiny Tots' creation shared a purpose: to provide affordable, flexible, child care support for families.
Six people are employed by Tiny Computers in Cardiff, with a further five in Bridgend and four in Newport.