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In such cases, in order to reconstruct the events, good timing resolution is required to distinguish which detector the electrons hit first.
Recently, the SEC adopted a new rule, Disclosure Regarding Market Timing and Selective Disclosure of Portfolio Holdings, requiring more detailed disclosures in different parts of the fund's prospectus and statement of additional information.
The Committee heard from Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman William Donaldson about the current state of affairs within the mutual fund industry; he acknowledged that market timing and late trading practices seem to be "quite widespread"--more than originally anticipated.
These were sound decisions at the time, and regardless of the timing, they would be so today, as well.
Through Magma's Early Silicon Performance (ESP) capability, Blast Fusion also provided TI with accurate timing information much earlier in the design flow.
(81) The capricious timing of battles' end(s) disrupted hospital clock time, subordinated biological time, and inscribed a temporal rhythm more reminiscent of the task than the clock onto a supposedly punctual and orderly hospital routine.
The general timing rule applies for most purposes for FICA taxation.