time horizon

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Time horizon

The period, usually expressed in years, for which an investor expects to hold an investment.

Time Horizon

The length of time an investment is intended to last, usually expressed in years. Having a time horizon helps an investor set his/her short-term and long-term investment plans. See also: Horizon analysis, Horizon return.

time horizon

The interval during which an investment program is to be completed. An investor's time horizon is very important in determining the types of investments that should be selected. For example, investments that would be appropriate for an individual's retirement in 30 years are seldom suitable for reaching a short-term goal. Also called horizon.
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This jumps to 20 per cent for 2012, along with just seven per cent of institutional investors who said they intend to lengthen time horizons this year, which jumps to 15 per cent for 2012, the Invesco study said.
Many of the joint ventures were terminated prematurely, with conflict over time horizon a critical source of interpartner conflict.
Presumptive Republican presidential candidate, John McCain, issued a statement saying, "Progress between the United States and Iraq on a time horizon for American troops' presence is further evidence that the surge has succeeded.
Thus, currently the index is 57000 points with the growth target of 95600 points, the upside of 38600 points(68%) and the time horizon of 36 months.
They need to be aggressive now with the short time horizon for retirement, and then switch gears and be more conservative after that," Mauldin says.
But if you have a longer time horizon and little stomach for market ups and downs, put your money into longer-term, less risky investments.
I think that over the time horizon that I'm investing, Africa represents the highest growth potential," he says.