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TEI agrees that flexibility in diverging from the prescribed time frames must be built into the IDR process.
Now, facilities that submit 13-month cost reports for that time frame with the cost report period beginning in September 1994 are eligible.
The modified time frame was granted without opposition in a routine court proceeding this morning.
SBT APAs formalize this practice and constitute an IRS commitment to a shortened time frame for agreement.
The committee's request ``cannot be completed in the time frame indicated,'' he added.
Plus, a key advantage SPARCs have over previous spin-off deals is the underlying company retains the ability to repurchase the technology within a specified time frame, generally four to six years after the creation of the new entity.
As a result of the rapid growth during a short time span there is growing concern regarding the numbers who will be retiring during an equally short time frame.
Depending on a project's budget, time frame and community outlook, working under a state or local spill program could make more sense.
Internally, there were concerns about losing control of the audit process, not being able to complete planned work, and not completing the audit within the planned time frame.
Disney's deadline for selling one of its two Los Angeles stations was set at six months, an earlier time frame than expected, meaning KCAL-TV (Channel 9) must be in the hands of a new owner by August.
BRT was able to close the loan in a very short time frame.