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Taking remittance service to the next level, we present the innovative real time account credit facility, Union FLASH Remit, to our customers.
: the functional scope covered by the tools is based on - The administrative and human resource management : - Management and absences and time accounts : - The payroll : - The management of the training : - Production refunds (editions legal and management statements relating to the above functions) : - The management tool (reporting tool used to drive the HR function on 7 subjects: management of staff and jobs, managing individual employee, followed by professional, management of absences and time accounts, control of compensation, management training, reference structure) : - Management of interfaces with related tools : As an indication, the development of the market is scheduled for September 2013.
Over the past few weeks the lower level of capacity utilization has been offset initially using instruments such as flexible working time accounts, leave accounts and repair shifts.
274 long time accounts receiving service every other month with the majority being perimeter services.