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He adds that due to fears of a Fed tightening, the long bond's yield could stay in a trading range between 6.35% and 5.75% for the rest of the year.
Indeed, the net percentages of institutions tightening lending standards to businesses were the highest since the 1990-1991 recession!
One member indicated a strong preference for an immediate policy tightening move, largely on the grounds that under current conditions relatively rapid growth in money and credit was not consistent with continued progress toward reducing inflation.
In an earlier survey covering the first several months of 1991, about 23 percent of the banks had indicated tightening.
The prevailing obstacle to achieving predictable results during tightening lies in the countless variable parameters that effect the clamping force in a joint.
Specifically for corporate borrowers, results based on the diffusion index approach pointed to a net tightening of credit standards for the first quarter, which was attributed by respondent banks to their reduced tolerance for risk, deterioration in the profitability and liquidity of their portfolio, less favorable economic outlook, and perception of stricter financial system regulations.
In comparison, the Fed has zero experience with the massive quantitative tightening program it has undertaken and no knowledge about the time lags associated with it.
The tightening, he explained, involved stricter collateral requirements, shorter loan maturity periods, and increased use of interest rate floors, reflecting the net tightening of overall credit standards for corporate loans.
Bankers have confirmed an overall modest tightening of lending because of efforts to limit non-performing loans.
In a sensory panel study, 96% of panelists noticed a tightening effect for Easyliance--a tightening effect that was better than existing products.
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Global Banking News-February 28, 2011--Georgian central bank says more monetary tightening would impede growth(C)2011 ENPublishing -