tight market

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Tight market

A market in which volume is high, trading is active and highly competitive, and consequently spreads between bid and ask prices are narrow.

Tight Market

A market or security with high trading volume and a small bid-ask spread. However, an investor can profit in a tight market, especially if he/she trades large numbers of securities. When the bid-ask spread is narrow, an investor may have difficulty making more than a small return for each trade, but sheer numbers can make returns add to a substantial amount.

tight market

A market for securities in which competition is intense and spreads are narrow. In a tight market, dealers must make up in volume what they lose on a narrowing of the spread. Compare deep market, thin market.
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Beyond a tight market, LNG trading is set to become more diverse, with several new buyers and sellers entering the stage.
Home sellers in New York are relying on real estate web-sites more than ever for the maximum amount of exposure in an increasingly tight market.
In a tight market like Morris County where many companies are retrofitting with short-term leases, River Park Business Campus offers a long-term opportunity, at less-than-market rates, with the potential to grow in one of the area's most sought-after locations," Neu said.
a tenant representation firm, "It's still a very tight market.
Though irksome to bargain clothing seekers, it is great news for retailers looking to rent in this tight market, especially those who'd like some lucrative 34th Street space.