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Perhaps if some of them were inspired to take up an athletic pursuit by the Olympics being in this country we might avoid the health timebomb ticking away inside some of our kids
Extreme weather is a sure sign of an "ecological time-bomb" ticking away, according to a North MP.
Evatt had a header cleared off the line with time ticking away and it seemed it was not to be Chesterfield's day.
I am not implying that the Money Meter should be ticking away all of the time.
"It's a social irresponsibility for the world to let that time bomb sit ticking away there," says Daniel A.
New York, Oct 17 ( ANI ): Supermodel Tyra Banks has said that she is longing to have kids and wants to have them soon, as her biological clock is ticking away.
I can't get my iPhone to work - it just shows a big clock ticking away. I think that it might be a bomb ticking away and it bursts into flames in my hand.
"I could have passed but with time ticking away it was vital to take it on and I was delighted to see it go in."
Primrose, with the clock ticking away, were now going all out to seek a winner.
Unfortunately, due to the late start, my own clock was ticking away, which meant I had to be somewhere else, so I didn't get to see the end.
Mind forged tomorrows ticking away, Giving yesterday's chances another lucky day.
But although Brook scored a try and Turner landed a goal, Lindley were still two points adrift with time ticking away.