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Refers to the minimum change in price a security can have, either up or down. Related: Point.


On an exchange, a trade in which a security was traded after another trade. There are three basic types of tick. A plus tick occurs when the price is higher than the previous trade. A minus tick occurs when the price is lower, and finally a zero tick happens when the price is the same. Ticks are recorded and published in real time throughout a trading day. Certain regulations govern the types of trade that can occur after certain kinds of ticks. See also: Zero-plus Tick, Zero-minus Tick.


A short-term technical indicator that describes the difference between the number of stocks whose last sale occurred on an uptick and the number of stocks whose last sale occurred on a downtick. A high positive TICK is generally considered a short-term signal of a strong market. Contrarians consider a high positive TICK to have bearish implications.


A movement in the price or price quotation of a security or contract. See also downtick, minimum tick, uptick.


A tick is the minimum movement by which the price of a security, option, or index changes.

With stocks, a tick may be little as one cent. With US Treasury securities, the smallest increment is 1/32 of a point, or 31.25 cents.

An uptick represents an increase over the last different price, and a downtick a drop from the last different price.

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MATCH DEBRIEF WITH SIMON THOMAS PERCENTAGES AS the clock ticked past the 80-minute mark and we moved into the final passage of play, Cardiff Blues had the losing bonus point and they also had the ball.
Regional Rugby Wales last night admitted they had no statement to make as the clock ticked past midnight.
Vinny Faherty had two great chances to open the scoring as the game ticked past the half-hour, first heading over from close range after John Sullivan had managed to dig out a fantastic cross from the right.
BUT as time ticked past and ENGLISH clubs sacked their managers, Brown was concerned that a failure to have him in place could see him offered a position "elsewhere.
And then as the clock ticked past 90 minutes Hart made a great stop from Romelu Lukaku - and within seconds City raced up the other end to score the winner.
Coventry were in control at half time, leading 13-5, but the home side scored twice in quick succession after the break and, as the clock ticked past 80 minutes, they were in front 22-16.
The region's spin-offs from the London Games burst through the money milestone as the countdown to next year's sporting jamboree ticked past the 500-day mark.
As the clock ticked past 11pm I thought I had got away with not watching it.
Murray held and again raced to 0-30 on the Lopez serve, forcing his first two break points of the set as the match ticked past the hour mark and taking the first to put it back on serve.
After favouritism had changed hands 2,422 times on Betfair, Isner broke through in the 138th game of the deciding set after the match clock had just ticked past 11 hours.
The clock had ticked past 91 but time stopped as he faced up his man.
But after pairing up with brother Jamie, Murray's mood improved as the British pair battled from a set down to beat Canada's Daniel Nestor and Frederic Niemeyer 4-6 6-3 6-4 just as the clock ticked past midnight local time.