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Souness has put a large slice of his personal cash into the pounds 20m pot and is not the type to throw money around unless he believes that the project can be a success.
Birmingham's wage bill has been significantly reduced in recent months and, while the club remains in profit, there is no desire to throw money around like they did two or three years ago.
Putting pounds 100 on a horse is not an extravagance, nor is it in any way an indication of having the wherewithal to throw money around.
And don't forget those back-alley ice-skating intrigues, self-serving quotes from team owners who throw money around at the same time they jack up ticket prices, and the daily bad-mouthing of Albert Belle because he hasn't been a sweetheart to the press.
That foundation has allowed us to invest this summer while others have been unable to do so and that's a result of us managing not to throw money around recklessly.
He wants me to sprinkle some magic dust where other clubs may throw money around.