thin market

Thin market

A market in which trading volume is low, and consequently bid and asked quotes are wide and the instrument traded is not very liquid. Very little stock to buy or sell.

Thin Market

A market for a security with few transactions. Because of the low trading volume, a single, large order to buy or sell the security can affect the price significantly. It is also called a narrow market. See also: Inactive Security, Broad Market.

thin market

A market for a security in which there are relatively few offers and bids. A thin market causes reduced liquidity and makes it more difficult to buy or sell the security without affecting its price. Also called narrow market. Compare deep market, tight market.

Thin market.

A thin market is one where securities trade infrequently. The term can refer to an entire securities market, such as one in an emerging nation, a specific class of securities, such as micro-cap stocks, or an individual security.

thin market

A market in which there are few sales, making it difficult for people to purchase a property or to find comparable sales for an appraisal.

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The Index has been maintaining its ranging attitude; technical indicators are idle due to thin market activity.
As reported by Platts, low demand in a thin market, as well as government data showing an increase in crude inventories in the U.
To a question, he said Dubai's rally would need fresh triggers, as it's a thin market with only 10 stocks providing the bulk of the gains.
Moerck, president and CEO ofValensa, supplies of algae biomass have been a limiting factor on the growth of the astaxan thin market for the last several years, even as demand has ramped up.
In other words, there is an important trade-off between estimating indexes on aggregated regions in order to mitigate thin market problems, and to estimate price indexes on disaggregated levels in order to avoid problems of accuracy and reliability.
In very thin market conditions Rome was able to find decent demand for its bonds among investors searching for high returns, reflecting the easing of at least some concerns in the euro zone's debt crisis since August.
I have a project for the Reserve in Muscat, Oman and the Reserve is very special, an out of place, out of reach destination, targeting that very thin market," Humler said.
Currency trading was erratic in North American trading session, with relatively thin market conditions showing a slight pullback in risk appetite, leading to modest rise in buying of US dollar, said a note from BNY Mellon.
A thin market in November led to a slight drop in prices and a wide trading range between US$505 and US$590/kg in November 2010, but there was evidence of renewed interest in indium in December and prices were beginning to firm slightly.
People are cutting their long US dollar positions and the very thin market exaggerates it," said a currency dealer based in London, adding there had also been inflows of dollars into pounds.
Purslow said: "Rafa and I have spent more time in January talking about our summer transfer plans than the January window - which tells you all about what a thin market it actually is.
Despite the rally in thin market volumes, the Footsie is still likely to be down by a third in 2008when a miserable trading year wraps up at lunchtime today.