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Lagman said Duterte is the last person to ask for mercy for Veloso given his harsh stance against suspected drug traffickers and couriers.
I am of the opinion that if Janet Horne committed any crime it would have been cheating Susanna Wesley out of the notoriety of being the last person in the UK to be executed for witchcraft.
Officials investigating the disappearance of a University of Virginia student focused Monday on the man they believe was the last person seen with her, searching his apartment for a second time and trying to locate the campus employee to arrest him on reckless driving charges.
The last person she spoke to was her mum Joan in a phone call that evening.
The former girlfriend of tragic Gerry Ryan was stunned after the star claimed on the Late Late Show she was the last person to speak to the radio king before he died.
Iain Macdonald is thought to be the last person in Scotland to move his animals this way.
The image shows a taxi driver officers believe to be the last person to speak to the 23-year-old victim before he was found by a member of the public at Broad Green railway station on the morning of Sunday, August 19.
Every major studio ceased filming, and two generations of the infected performer's partners--the last person the actor slept with and the last person that person slept with--submitted to testing.
If you overtake the last person in the race, you are .
Brian Chandler was the last person hanged in Durham.
Summary: It seems the last person Vanessa Hudgens wants to talk about right now is her ex, Zac Efron.
THE quietly-spoken Ieuan Wyn Jones is the last person in Wales I could picture skating along while munching on a pasty and flicking the bird at a passer-by.