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To combine orders for a security for execution at the same time. A broker may bunch either odd-lot or round-lot orders, but only if all affected clients agree to it. Bunching may be particularly advantageous for odd-lotters (investors with orders for fewer than 100 securities) as it helps them to avoid extra fees they are otherwise charged.


To combine a number of odd-lot orders into round-lot orders so as to avoid an odd-lot differential.
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A panel of expert judges voted MailSport the best of the bunch after carefully monitoring every Scottish paper over a lengthy period.
The Doors Alive are not those same guys from Bundoran, 2011, but they are widely regarded as the best of the bunch.
Dozens of photos were submitted to the Society's Linthorpe Road branch in Middlesbrough, and the best of the bunch have now been chosen.
X2 ITV2, 9pm Quite often, it's the second in a superhero franchise that is regarded as the best of the bunch. So it is with the X-Men, and this stunning followup has the X-led good mutants having to team up with Magneto's villains to defeat Brian Cox's evil military scientist.
All the films have, so far, been massive hits, but this is arguably the best of the bunch, with its young stars growing into their roles nicely.
Up to 500 entrants took park in the two-day show at the weekend, giving judges a tough task in picking the best of the bunch from more than a thousand spring bulbs.
ACAROLINE SAYS: The best of the bunch is the Prestige softgrip handle kettle (above).
But even he, the master of calm and reasoned understatement, was forced to say that Rakti now ranked as the best of the bunch, although he admitted that some of his charge's work in the run-up to the race had given him reason to be concerned over his well-being.
He reckoned Irishman Ray was the best of the bunch but was less impressed with Tania, who he claimed he had called "piggy" in a "humorous way".
Disney seem intent on filling up the App Store with the adventures of Buzz, Woody and Jessie, but this latest Toy Story-themed outing is probably the best of the bunch.
"I believe I'm the best of the bunch and it's just about going out and proving that."
The Gazette is offering readers the opportunity to put their questions to the decision makers, with the best of the bunch being printed in paper, along with answers fromcouncil chiefs.

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