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The Flat Earth graffiti in Stoneycroft; and, main picture, compelling evidence that the Earth is, indeed, round
"We headed to the flat and saw the staff waiting outside the door.
The report contains 158 tables, charts and graphs that add visual analysis in order to explain developing trends within the flat glass market.
The problem with twilight flats is that you never know what the quality of the flat is like until it's applied to your image.
There is more of a frisson around jump racing but the Flat has its moments too.
Once the flat owners' Right To Manage Company has taken over control of the management function, they may decide to either manage the block themselves or - more sensibly - to appoint another managing agent with whom they feel they can work.
Gist Gilliam said the flat rents were determined after CHA employees examined 15,000 units and market rent conditions in the city's 77 community areas.
Curl defenders may have to expand to the flat area.
The single lumen transforms from round to a flat oval with ribs on one side that keep the flat lumen from collapsing.
The rolled-up paper towel should have retained more water than the flat paper towel That's because a flat paper towel has a larger surface area than a rolled-up one, allowing the water to evaporate more quickly from the flat towel.
Other pricing influencing factors are similar to London, most often the condition of the flat is the most important factor to Vilnius three rooms dwelling pricing.
"But contemplating the flat world also left me filled with dread, professional and personal.