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The two communities in Abyei, UNISFA stated, were also supported in setting up a joint market security mechanism and the aforementioned joint traditional court to maintain law and order in the common market.
Eventually, with the above-mentioned Decision of July 19, 2004, the Commission declared the proposed concentration compatible with the common market.
The Court therefore considers that Article 88, Paragraph 2 of the EC Treaty "must be interpreted as enabling the Commission to review, after 23 July 2002, the compatibility with the common market of state aid granted in the fields falling with the scope of the ECSC Treaty" as well as "the application by the member states of decisions authorising state aid adopted pursuant to the ECSC Treaty, in respect of situations existing prior to the expiry of that treaty".
The common market has no common agricultural policy.
Once we joined the common market inflation in this country took off and interest rates ended up around 16%.
When it came to the 1970s referendum to join the Common Market I tried to get all my friends to vote 'No' because I believed we would benefit less than the other members.
When I voted back in 1975 for the Common Market (EEC) I agreed with free trade between member states.
Market ignorance POLITICIANS are for ever playing on the ignorance, prejudices and emotions of the electorate, particularly in respect of the Common Market.
I WAS too young to vote in the last referendum we had about staying in the Common Market which took place in 1975.
The meeting agreed on a preliminary study highlighting different projects to support the common market, in addition to creating a media plan and holding workshops to increase awareness among the public and the government, private and education sectors on its benefits and importance.
He considered the common market one of the major achievements of the six-country Gulf bloc.
We have a choice in the European elections between those parties who want the common market to be left to unregulated market forces (notably the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats) and those who believe that a common market needs common rules to protect consumers, to protect the weak and vulnerable and to set high environmental standards (Labour and the Greens).