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French for a stock market.


1. A term for a stock exchange in Europe.

2. Informal for the Paris Bourse.


The common name for a securities exchange located in Europe.


Bourse is the French term for a stock exchange, meaning, literally, purse. The national stock market of France, a totally electronic market, is known as the Paris Bourse.

The term is used throughout Europe and worldwide as a synonym for stock exchange, though it generally isn't used in the United States.

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Batelco comes together with the list of listed firms comprising Alba, Khaleeji Commercial Bank, Takaful International and United Paper Industries for which, the bourse serves as a share registrar.
The bourse is located on Kish because foreigners can fly to Kish without having to obtain an Iranian visa.
The number of listed companies on the bourse has risen to 17 from 11 a year ago and the bourse now opens for four days a week, up from three days.
Our main concern is to allow small investors to trade on the bourse and gain good returns.
The bourse has 45 brokers, including 25 who can trade from off-site offices, and the exchange has been adding three to five brokerages a year.
It represents a big challenge to the authorities, including the bourse authority, " bourse Chairman Soliman Shehoumi told Reuters.
It is worth mentioning that Bahrain Bourse issued a resolution regarding amending the listing requirements of the listed shareholding companies on the Main Board in Bahrain Bourse, which includes registering and depositing the issued shares in the Clearing, Settlement, Central Depository & Registry system in the Bourse, and requires that the establishment and management of the shareholders' record in the company is in line with the electronic registry system licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain.
The board approved new rules for listing and trading REITs at the bourse that will be issued following the final approval of the Central Bank of Bahrain.
did not affect cash transactions of stocks on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the bourse operator said.
He praised the BCCI's support to the bourse and its efforts to achieve the objectives of its strategy.
Followed by the UGB, registered brokers at the bourse has been increased to 12.
The government put its eighth consignment of 500,000 barrels of crude on the bourse on September 21 with a list price of $113.