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French for a stock market.


1. A term for a stock exchange in Europe.

2. Informal for the Paris Bourse.


The common name for a securities exchange located in Europe.


Bourse is the French term for a stock exchange, meaning, literally, purse. The national stock market of France, a totally electronic market, is known as the Paris Bourse.

The term is used throughout Europe and worldwide as a synonym for stock exchange, though it generally isn't used in the United States.

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The CEO of the Bourse revealed that 17 companies will be computed within the index, all of which are with activities that comply with the Shari'ah standards and regulations set by the Bourse's Shari`ah committee, adding that starting from today, investors and parties concerned with the Bourse's activity will be able to follow up the Index's performance on the Bourse's website, and in the trading bulletins issued by the Bourse.
BHB provides those companies with unique professional registrar services that enable them to receive detailed reports on their shareholders' dealings at the bourse.
The bourse believes that investors such as venture capital funds and private equity firms looking for investment opportunities can easily identify opportunities through this platform.
According to BSE Chief Executive Ivan Takev the bourse is worth about EUR 10 M, which means a sale of the stake would be worth around EUR 5 M.
Rashid added "Batelco will receive professional and quality services from the bourse, in accordance with international standards, to increase the capital market sector's competiveness in general and the bourse in particular to attract more investments to support the national economy of Bahrain.
Qamsari said, "At present, we are using all common marketing techniques in the world oil markets except for the bourse, which is due to structural and legal constraints, because, when you trade on the bourse, you may be a winner or a loser, while the NIOC has no permission to enter such transactions.
It's too early to set a market size for the bourse, we have to wait and see.
He explained that the bourse did not fully recover from the negative effects of the previous period, and pointed out that the 10 percent circuit breaker which halts trading for an arbitrary period was never used.
Reopen the Bourse now or else the current crisis would be exacerbated and Egypt's stock market pushed into the unknown, experts say.
the presidency of the bourse, Francioni pointed out.
MUSCAT: Market operators on the Muscat Securities Market (MSM) are urging extension of trading time on the bourse to enhance trading volumes.
Summary: Libya plans to sell up to 40% of the country's two mobile phone firms Libyana and al Madar, the chief executive of the bourse said, as the government moves to open its economy and attract foreign investment.