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In tests taken as part of the study, 10% of respondents were found to be HIV-positive; of this group, 46% had tested negative within the year preceding the survey, and 54% had not been tested recently.
In the ideal universe of in-line process packaging, packages would be "100% non-destructively tested and 100% validated." This would include in-line packaging materials, formed containers, receptacles and blisters, the confirmation that the delivery process has correctly delivered a suitable product, and that the overall integrity of the outside of the package and the inside atmosphere is validated.
A study reported in The Journal of the American Medical Association in 1990 found that postal workers who tested positive for marijuana when they were hired were more prone to accidents, injuries, absences, disciplinary action, and turnover.
Under comprehensive -- drug-testing programs, every student would have a chance of being tested.
The Navy helped develop the Osprey, but the craft was tested by a Marine unit (the same unit, incidentally, that maintains Marine One, the Presidential helicopter).
While McNeil's book captures the zeal with Which Bush tested kids in his home state--and the inimical effects it had on minorities--reports out of Washington, D.C., suggest that much of the same is planned nationally.
Because of the complexity and ambiguity, most testing methodology documents require the development of a set of test case scenarios (e.g., abstract test suites, test assertions, test cases) which must be tested.
The number of substances tested could be greatly increased, taking into account the duration and technical challenges of the studies and the capacities of laboratories with experience in FFLC tests.
The ACLU reports that in 1990 the federal government spent $11.7 million to test 29,000 employees, only 153 of whom tested positive--amounting to a cost of $77,000 to detect each putative drug user!
Even if they have been tested by independent laboratories, they have not been analyzed and validated by the FDA to assure that the test results were correct and reliable.
It includes guidelines for organizing test teams and for developing a test plan; templates for process administration and documentation; a test script that contains both mandatory dates to be tested and a list of additional dates that may affect certain functions within an application; and formats for performing tests and documenting results.
QNECs and distributions may be made any time during the year following the year being tested. However, if the corrections are made by distribution, and the distribution is made more than 2 1/2 months after the end of the plan year, the employer must pay a 10% excise tax on the excess contributions.