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The limits of the intrinsic volume densities for [[XI].sub.R] for R [right arrow] 0 can be computed from geometric characteristics of the Poisson-Voronoi tessellation. For d = 2, we have
No study of tessellations is complete without mention of an eminent creator of tessellations, Maurits Cornelis Escher.
To define mean values for typical objects of a random tessellation, we have to formalize in advance the concept of adjacent objects.
For ease of exposition, consider tessellation of this region by a second order Voronoi diagram (2-OVD) only.
A cross-sectional study was performed to observe choroid and retina features of highly myopic subjects diagnosed as tessellation fundus with normal visual acuity using EDI-OCT.
Optimal Tessellation. Each BS can deliver its aperiodic SNR measurement reports from its associated users to the EPC-MME via the S1AP management messages [18] so that the EPC-MME can observe and store the reported averaged SNR information for many realizations of user locations.
Both approaches implement the Delaunay tessellation algorithm, which uses the respective point-sets to serve as vertices for generating a tetrahedral tiling of the protein structure that objectively identifies quadruplets of nearest neighbors (i.e., either residues or atoms).
Tessellation is a hardware feature that allows a graphics processing unit (GPU) to dynamically subdivide primitives.
Tessellations Creating an tessellation (See below for more detail.) Capacity activities Exploring lung capacity; the number of marbles in a container.Students calculated their lung capacity by blowing up a balloon, collecting and measuring the overflow when the balloon was pushed into a bucket of water.
A more general technique that several authors propose is the tessellation of a squared heightmap.
The set of C-alpha points associated with a protein structure are used as vertices to create hundreds of nonoverlapping, space filling, irregular tetrahedra that collectively form a convex hull, referred to as a Delaunay tessellation in the computational geometry literature [12], which we generate with the Qhull software package [10].